Monday, October 15, 2007

What a Youth Worker does?

"Sit on her lazy arse and play games with young people" says a young person standing over my shoulder as I write this blog. Personally I would like to believe that I do a little more then that! My job as Livingstone Shire Council's Youth Worker is to Co-run the VerbYL Youth Lounge; which is open Thursday and Friday 3 - 7pm and Saturday 1-6pm. In addition to specialty programs such as Wednesday Verbylizers 3-5pm and 18+ Social Group 7-10pm Wednesday. At verbYL my focus responsibilities lie in engaging with young people, offering an information and referral service. For more information on verbYL Youth Lounge visit

My job outside of verbyl is to facilitate the Livingstone Shire Youth Council, youth events such as Youth Week and Schoolies Week, support and encorouge youth groups and initatives. In addition to networking with other Youth Service providers, identifying service gaps, creating, developing and implementing youth projects, programs and events.

One of the best parts of my job is meeting and getting to know so many amazing, talented and facinating young people.

A main part of my job is to offer a information and referral service hence I am inviting any young people who have questions or are seeking information, guidence or help to post this request anonymously through comments on this blog or email me on

In a nutshell I try as hard as I can to increase the opportunities and services available for young people in the region. And in the process get grey hair trying!

I look forward to hearing your response to my first blog.